Us 500 E

Do you want to clean your ink soiled printing tools quickly and thoroughly and at the same time be environmentally friendly and cost effective? We have the perfect solution for you!

 Nanovis Ultrasonic Cleaning Station US-500

eco friendly     →     clean     →     effiecient

  • For solvent based and UV-inks
  • Cleaning with ultrasonic and flow brush
  • Easy handling
  • Durable cleaning agent

The ultrasonic cleaning station US-500 is a compact workstation, which can be easily moved thanks to the four roll-ers. The unit is designed for companies that have few parts to clean per day and are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution. In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, it is also possible to clean the parts manually with the integrated flow brush.

Find out more by viewing the Ultrasonic cleaning station US-500 page or for more details, contact Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions.