Kayedee Inportant Information Coronavirus Covid 19 Update Min

New Customer Remote Service to be launched supporting Service, Support & Training on both Pad & Digital Printing Processes

As the future impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is uncertain, we share your concerns regarding the continuity of our company maintaining the supply of products, service, support & training to our customers. Kaye-Dee is fully operational in all areas but the health of our customers and staff are our top priority and we have already implemented preventative measures in our work place and continue to update these and monitor our staff and workplace operations on a daily basis following the recommended guidelines.

With immediate effect we will no longer be offering site visits or visits into our company for the foreseeable future. We remain committed to offering our customers service, support & training and will be launching a remote service to cover these. The idea of this service is to support our customers onsite without having to visit. This service is not designed to replace a 5 minute phone call with a customer asking for advice but will be for a 1-2 hour call that may cover fault finding, setting up of machines, overcoming printing issues, discussing new print projects or remote training on either pad or digital machines.

For further details please call our service department. All calls will be treated as service calls and quotations can be provided on request.

Whilst the situation in the UK remains challenging we will endeavour to continue finding solutions together to maintain the current high level of customer service and support you receive from Kaye-Dee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific queries or concerns.