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Digital printing is now becoming a real option for the direct printing on products and components.

It enables the quick and easy changeover of the print image without the need for new plates/screens or colour matched inks needed in the traditional methods of printing/decorating such as screen or pad printing.

With recent advances in UV curing inks digital printers can now print a White base colour first, to further strengthen bright colours printed onto darker substrates, and print resolution of up to 1400 x 1200 dpi is possible.

Kaye-Dee has partnered with Bergstein Digital BV to bring a range of digital printers to the UK market.

Both companies have been involved with component printing for over 30 years and offer this experience to the new technology of direct to substrate digital printing.

Flatbed Printer - low Volume:
For shorter production runs flatbed digital printing offers a cost effective and rapid solutions, there is no requirement to produce film positives or printing plates, which in turn for multicolour print setups may lead to time consuming machine setting time even for experienced print setters.

The BE 300 LED series is a compact, 420 x 300mm print area, industrial flatbed printer, ideal for small production or as an introduction in getting familiar with digital printing. It has been developed with industrial applications in mind with added ionization for reduced static and extra sensors for improved operation. it is also mounted on an industrial base and has further strengthening to provide improved rigidity for production applications.

High Speed Digital Printers:
More recent innovations in digital printing now enable the high speed printing of products on the move. This allows increased output and the solution of replacing conventional equipment with a digital print option.

These high speed printers can be intergrated in production lines and enable the changeover of the print image by remote computers avoiding the need for operators to be involved when the image changes.

The BE-TS-1 series is a tray/pallet system where the BE-HS-1 series uses a conveyor to move the components under the print head.

Both types of printer are custom made to meet the specific need of each application and can be designed as 1,2,3 or full 4 colour options with white undercoat if required.

For further info click the link here: Digital Flatbed Printers


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