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The RUCO colour match system benefits the printer in several ways:

  • Colour match recipes for printing onto white are available in either hard copy or floppy disc format. This flexibility allows printers to mix accurately with a set of scales (eliminating guesswork) and has the added benefit of time saving.

  • All recipes are formulated to 100 gram quantities to allow for easy mixing of small or large batches. Waste due to overmixing or having to buy minimum quantities of ready mixed colour matched inks is eliminated!

  • The system is available in a wide selection of ink types allowing for the printing of the vast majority of substrates. RUCO specialises in inks and varnishes for plastics, metals, glass and other hard to print on substrates.

  • RUCO printing inks are of high quality and give excellent stability and performance in both pad and screen printing applications.

  • KayeDee offer a service for formulating printed colour matches onto coloured substrates giving the printer even greater flexibility.

  • KayeDee can supply ready mixed colour matches for both pad and screen printing if required.
    Minimum quantities are 1kg and the mixing charge is fixed at £18.50 , whether the quantity is 1kg or 100kg!


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